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miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

"Triptychos", three poems by Manny Delgadillo.

Ode to a Barricade

The lonely and shabby barricade lingers
Aloft the broken highway, with its
Orange light, all chipped and shattered.

The street lights hang high above,
The cars pass by hurriedly,
The pedestrians pushing it aside.

And the barricade lies askew, and asks itself:
In today's highway, in yesterday's
And tomorrow's, where will I stand?

Nocturnal Haiku

Over the lonesome banks of memory,
Find your time, withered;
Perched as if on a bar stool.

Visions and Things

A flock of memories
And the thread of life, suspended.
A child picking grass in a green meadow,
The prodigal son wandering as yet.
The implacable circles between Two Lovers,
A life not lived…
Jasmines perfuming, undressing the twilight air.
A brook, a trembling leaf, the tenuous page
Of a lonesome book blown away by a feral wind.
Lovers undressed.
Things and visions, visions and things.