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jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

"The Theoreticians", a poem by Carmen Karin Aldrey, translated into the English by Felix Anesio and Manny Delgadillo

The theoreticians offer prefabricated phrases
They dream they do what they read and write
And fabricate the humanity they themselves lack
They criticize in others what they should self-censor

The theoreticians sleep soundly as we die
Blame others for their own injustices
Invent gardens when they can only set them on fire
Rage consumes them when they are finally unveiled

The theoreticians lie while thinking they are saying the truth
They shield themselves between walls to hide away from the sun
Hurt those they love because they don’t acknowledge each other
The world they accept is like a square and without windows

The theoreticians pass through life ignoring its laws
They want to be themselves projecting in others
Swear they love while in every step they hate
Destruction from their touching instead of construction

The theoreticians add two plus two and come up with one
Cover the pure waters of the sea with grimy filth
They boast of loving the earth while they spit before stepping over it
They do what’s possible to empty it while they pray