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Tale of Two Villages, created by Felix Anesio, for the promotion of my literary works, as well as any other participants who wish to collaborate. Also, this blog will promote other artistic and cultural manifestations.

viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

God's Creatures, a short story from A Tale of Two Villages.

"Swarms of cockroaches, worms, decayed dogs and cats, plump rats, heaps upon heaps of garbage, pestilence pestilence bitter-sweet rancid pestilence, morbidly populated the decayed lot.  Heaps upon heaps of garbage, heaps of decay and dead things scattered, mists upon mists of dewy dour dead things.  Vultures continuously flew in spirals up above.  Once we had found a dog hanging from the projecting arm of one of the wooden posts.  It just hung there, swaying with the wind, its purple tongue lolling out of its putrid mouth, emanating its gruesome waft of rancid and ugly mortification, its fetidness, into the humid air.  Yet some of us barely noticed the smell (nor did we much care for it)."

An excerpt from God's Creatures, A tale of Two Villages, coming soon...