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viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Two poems by Manny Delgadillo.

Once Again

Once again, bitter loneliness seems at hand,
Seething, perpetuating, ever closer;
With tremulous body I seek a distant land
Where body and soul can crown the summit
Of better days, of days with you and your necessity.
Let me not be tempered into this nothingness,
Where only the sorrows of past mornings
Strike like red lances into the ever-growing anguish
Of my mangled and withered heart….


The tracts of gilded sand seem ancient;
Amid copses the ancient serpent gleams,
Hidden dells do sweetly protract the mysteries of Time;
And floating in the dead harbors of thoughts,
A maiden stares at the dead moon.
Like tenuous pages from a musty folio,
Turns again the wheel and the sun
Upon the waters of memory....
Fled, battered, trenchant like a lurid beggar,
A boy strides through brambles and cords,
Through ethereal valleys, through smoky-lighted cities,
Where the neon serves the brain its fervent concord,
And the harmonious bustle blights the ears;
And for each other do the maiden and the boy long,
While each the other searches and searches,
Finding in the infinite trust of fear the deep virtue of love.

Copyright 2010 M. Delgadillo.